14 October 2011


A680KDV-200607-dbg-a South West Bus Models Will Be Offering These Models At £21 Each


To Pre-Order Yours Today

These Are:

EFE 29627 Leyland Olympian - Devon General

Registration Number: A680 KDV Fleet Number: 1804

Working Route X80 To Plymouth


And EFE 16227 Bristol MW/LS Coach

Royal Blue (Southern National) Registration Number: VDV 776 Fleet Number: 2213

Working A Route To Torquay, Salisbury & Exeter


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1 comment:

  1. *Warning Sad Pedant Alert*

    Shame the casting used is of a late 80's all-Leyland full height example, not an ECW low height like the real thing. As a result it just looks too wrong for me and I'll be keeping my £21.. :(


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