27 June 2007


Having just posted the previous entry on the Western National Fleetlines I was reminded of the EFE Model 25804 which is of Fleetline 804 THM502M in the smart blue and cream livery.

Full details of this model can be found at British Bus Models

This very model actually sits on top of my computer monitor - one of the few models that my young son hasnt commandeered for his own 'fleet'.

We are well covered for bus models when it comes to Western National and the coverage continues with this news snippet from Marc Reddy at First Devon and Cornwall:

Some of you will be aware already, but hopefully in August orSeptember, there will be a release of a model Enviro 400 in PlymouthP&R livery.FDC will be selling these models, on a limited edition basis, whichwill be accompanied by a letter of authenticity and also a ticketissued from the said vehicle. More details will be posted on our website soon regarding deposits, orders, price etc but thought you might appreciate the heads up.

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