22 October 2011

A Coach on bus work

No catch up news of the week today, as to be honest nothing much has happened!
One thing which did catch my eye yesterday, although thanks to arriving on the scene about 30 seconds too late I was unable to catch on camera was the use of a coach on a bus service in Plymouth. Target Travel were using one of their Van Hool bodied coaches on the 47!
I am pretty sure that it was M364LFX but it may have been another of the same batch as I believe they have M360LFX at least as well. This run is more usually one the of Olympian double deckers of occasionally a long Solo has been used, but this is the first time I have seen them use a coach.
It did bring my mind back to the 1980s where Western National had a large coach fleet and it was not unusual for them to appear on normal bus services. The two examples below were on Tavistock services but it was not unheard of for them to be used on the Plymouth City services from time to time... Western National Leyland Leopard 3500 KTT808P - Ply., Breton Side Bus Station - 03-07-1987#
Plymouth July 1987
Western National Leyland Leopard 3500 KTT808P
Plymouth July 1987
Both ©Jos Van Hemert

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  1. i've only worked for first for a few years but i've driven a coach on a 48 76 and the old 11 (devonport one) they wouldnt do it now though


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