21 October 2011

The Key to using The Key

A nicely produced video from Plymouth Citybus on how to use The Key.


It is good to see the bus company using video like this as it can often be easier to show something than to explain it.  I have often seen such efforts ridiculed by the press (and bus enthusiasts!) as teaching people to suck eggs – but there are a lot of people out there who do need this kind of helpful information.

Thanks to watching this I have only just realised that I can view all the Citybus journeys I have taken since I got The Key. Found that my 07:39 bus on the 50 has varied between 07:38 at the earliest and 07:48 at the latest. It has also highlighted a few differences in how the same journey is recorded. Most of the time it is shown as Asda, Plymouth, which s correct as its the main stop before mine. A few are Keswick Cresent Shop (the next stop from mine) a few are down as Bampton Road and recently there are a few down as Miller Way Shops!

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