02 September 2011

Fleet News 2011

Just to clarify some of the comings and goings at Citybus at the moment:
Dennis Dart 131 M131HOD has been acquired by a member of the PCTPG who will be swapping it for former Plymouth Atlantean FJY914E at Culdrose. The Atlantean probably wont be coming up to Plymouth until the New Year though, but will be a very welcome addition to the ranks of preserved Plymouth Atlanteans.
Plymouth Citybus 131 M131HOD
130 is on Death Row!
One of the PVLs has received all over advert livery for Perrys replacing step Dart 127 which has been withdrawn.
All four Citybus Solos will be heading to the Go South Coast Group shortly. 3 steps kept for 13, 59 and a dedicated school bus. From September 17th one step Dart only for school and 13. All commercial Plymouth stage carriage network should then be low floor bar some school buses.
Cherished registrations on coaches are now:
313 JSK261
314 JSK262
309 JSK263
311 JSK264
312 JSK265
The rest of the City coach fleet being 315 WA03MGE, 316 WA03MGJ, 317 BX11GVP, 318 BX61DKV

Thanks to Mike for correcting the reg of the Atlantean - it is confirmed as 214 NOT 212 as I originally posted!

Elsewhere on the net

    Finally have internet access sorted out on the laptop so no more having to wait for a dodgy wireless connection to appear! A combination of using a different cable and the old "switch it off and back on again" seems to have done the trick! I should be able to catch up with the links etc over the weekend.
  • This weekend, both Stagecoach and Whippet increase their Sunday bus services on the Cambridgeshire guided busway. Omnibuses
  • Quite a lot of blogs have special Sunday photo - Plymothian Transit has Sunday Best, PTOPA has Snap on Sunday - so I thought, what the hell, why not. Southern England Bus Scene
  • From Monday 5th September, Chiltern Trains introduces the next stage in its upgrade of the line between London Marylebone and Birmingham. Public Transport Experience
  • Last Saturday, major bus dealers Ensign Bus, based in Purfleet, Essex, staged one of their occasional running days, chiefly involving members of their twenty-vehicle vintage fleet, helped out by some notable visitors. Transport Illustrated
  • Every enthusiast likes a bit of speculation, deep down. What might happen? What could happen? What could happen if that happens? Southern England Bus Scene

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  1. michael hudsonpctpg2 September 2011 at 22:37

    you have the registration wrong for the atlantean. It is fleet number 214 and registration is FJY 914E.


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