03 September 2011

Fix my Transport

A new service that has recently started has caught my eye. It has the potential to be useful, but as ever time will tell!
Welcome to FixMyTransport, a site specially built for public transport users in Britain who want to make public transport better for us all...
FixMyTransport  Issues in  plymouth
It is a very clean design and very simple web site, and all the better for it. It promises to send your issues direct to the people that matter and anyone can see the progress (or lack of it) once your complaint is in.
I am particularly impressed by its good use of Google Maps to report problems. This is the page to report an issue with a bus stop in Plymouth...
FixMyTransport  Reporting a problem  The Citadel
The maps are also useful when reporting an issue with a bus route. As you see here it has correctly picked up Target Travel as the operator of the 52...
FixMyTransport  Reporting a problem  Number 52 bus route
Not all routes are bang up to date though. The 46 is still down as Citybus for example. There is a link on the page to report any such issues so it can only get better.
Clearly if you have a major complaint then you will always be better off contacting the companies direct. It remains to be seen just how useful this service will be. If you want to make a general issues about the bus services in Plymouth then both the main bus companies are very active on Facebook and do their best to answer general enquiries pretty quickly and openly, which isn't really and different to what this new web site offers.


While I am on the subject of web services let me just highlight the posting on Andys Bus Blog as shown below which looks at mobile phone apps. Does anyone out there have any experience of using any of these apps in and around Plymouth? (Android myself but there may be iPhone users out there who might be interested!)


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