31 August 2011

Fleet news 1970

I was lucky to be given a small collection of old Buses Magzines from random dates in the 1970's so while I am still internettally challenged I bring you Fleetnews from Buses 178 (Jan 1970)...


23 JJY523 a 1954 Leyland PD2/12 with Leyland H30/26R bodywork has been withdrawn from service and is now in use as a trainer. Similar 378 HJY278 has been acquired by the Shrangri-La Holiday Camp near Clacton-on-Sea and is used to provide free transport during the holiday season.

Meanwhile up the road Exeter City Council have agreed to sell their 65 bus fleet to the National Bus Company for £190,000 subject to negotiations with the aim to complete on the 1st April 1970.

More of these old updates over the coming weeks as I for one find them fascinating!

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  1. Your post on Aug 21 shows what great buses the PD2/12s were. Not sure if any survived into preservation though.


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