07 September 2011

First Fares up for some

With Citybus having just increased their bus fares again many didn't expect it to be long before First also increased theirs. Well it didn't take long as they have just announced changes from next weekend.

That said it isn't too bad in that only child fares seem to be increasing this time round:
Gibson bus ticket machine advert

From Sunday 11th September 2011, bus fares will be revised to take into account increases in our operating costs. Fare News: Child single and return tickets will increase between 5p and 30p. Good News: FirstDay and FirstWeek Plymouth adult tickets will remain the same price. First3Day adult, child and family tickets will remain the same price. We are also extending our FirstMonth Plymstock promotion and will continue to offer great value unlimited travel on Service 2, 6 and 7 for one month. We are also extending our FirstDay and FirstWeek Barnstaple ticket promotion on Service 3 to continue to include travel between Barnstaple, Chivenor, Braunton, Knowle, Mullacott Cross and Ilfracombe
The full price list for their evergrowing list of First 'season' tickets are to be found on their web site (PDF)

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  1. Yes...other than Child Fares that will still be lots cheaper than Citybus...all Adult walk on fares have been held...and season tickets are generally up by £1...My fare has stayed the same whilst Citybus have gone up twice...making First aboiut 40p return to city cheaper...Guess who I will be using ???

  2. Only a Matter of Time Before 'First' Announce Fare Increases across the Board.

    They are Not Cheaper on Everything tho!

  3. There are not many fares that thet are more expensive than Citybus though. From where I am they are cheaper (and by quite a bit too!!) on Single/return to City, Single/return To Mutley, Daytickets, weekly tickets, monthly and yearly season tickets...in fact I do not think Citybus are cheaper for anything!!! If people keep using Citybus when First are cheaper then I am sure Citybus will increase fares again in New Year and FDC will probably think there is no point in keeping theirs low!!!

  4. GO Ahead/Citybus are just greedy,, I for one hope Citybus collapses, Go ahead disappear...Then First can do the lot in Plymouth...they are lot more relaible, invest in proper card technolgy, not rubbish like 'The Key' and you can use one ticket on all buses...lets be fair if they had the monopoly they could hardly increase fares any more than Citybus!!!

  5. I for one hope First fail (Which at the moment seems likely) Their prices where I live are not cheaper, they are 20p more expensive, their drivers are rude and arrogant and their services never turn up on time. I haven't caught a First bus in 3 years, If I have to get home at night (Citybus's last service to my location is 1820 from Royal Parade) and catch another Citybus as close as possible and then walk. Rumours are they are pulling out in 2013, they are not making a profit, neither do they have the presence that Citybus do, they will not go under. First will. Mark my words.

  6. I hope to see Target Travel and Jacketts get a route or two over to Saltash.

    Western Greyhound seen to have made a lot of investment in their fleet recently.

    It was all well & good in First setting up the Ugo Bus, bringing in lots of new buses to the area, but now only 5 of the new-ish buses remain! First's fleet really is old and quite tatty now.

  7. You must be the only one. First are way cheaper where I am, for any fare yiou care to mention. I can only state tha I fine First more reliable and their staff are way friendlier and more helpful.

    I really hope First don't go as leaving Plymouth with just Go ahead would be terrible for Plymouth..watch fares go up then!!

    These rumours are completely untrue I can tell you...First are renegotiating the train contractfrom 2013 and are favoiurites to win the enlarged Greater Western train franchise...the bus service is to get bigger too with greater investment including technology to allow to pay bus fares by touchless debit card!!! Oh and I havent use Citybus for about 3 years either because we have choice here an First are way better and now cheaper too!!!

  8. If there is potential for a new route in saltash that nobody uses and a bus can run around empty all day... I am sure Target would be very interested (lol)

  9. RE Comment at 13:08, Citybus Single Royal Parade - Latchbrook £2.30, First Bus £3.05. Return Citybus £3.20, First Bus £3.40. Western Greyhound's fares are the Same at PCB. So, although First have the Decisevely Larger Customer Volume, they are the most expensive!

    Target Travel - Plymouth's Premier (Empty) Bus Company.

  10. Re Anon 16:04 that is odd, although you could of course get a dayticket with First for £3.30 !!!

    It seems Citybus are penalising their own customers in Plymouth to subsidize the outlying areas!!!

    Manadon Roundabout to Citycente: Citybus Single/Return £2.00/£2.90
    First £1.80/£2.50
    Dayticket Citybus £3.50 First £3.30

    That said it is probably 70%/30% customer volume to Citybus along this route...so it looks like whoever has the most customers charges more!!!

  11. Haven't Go Ahead got a reputation for increasing fares and if a franchise does not meet their targets just cut and run ???

    First never really has made a prfit in Devon And Cornwall but seem to be able to keep going with much more modest increases"!"!! They need a much bigger presence in Plymouth !!!

  12. People that use citybus seem to forget that First is the largest public transport provider in the uk, and one of the largest in north america and canada, in plymouth they may be small fry (i am a first driver) and Go ahead certainly have the monopoly, but first devon and cornwall is far larger then Plymouth citybus, both companys are large companys driven by shareholders, i would say passenger transport IS NOT a priority for either its just abouth the ££ signs.
    i have to say if you read the evening herald complaints about buses are 9 times out of 10 citybus.
    ref Saltash (i live there) well done for supporting them, the service to pilmere is certainly needed but surfice to say it hardly carries anyone untill it gets back to st budeaux, its also worth remembering a few years ago a day ticket for saltash was over £4 with first!!

  13. I posted regarding Citybus 43A. I've used it & 26 previous regularly for 4 years, I've not taken a First bus in 3 and refuse too. I also use the 152, I live in Saltash.

    People are stuck in their ways, they don't seem to realize Citybus exist and is cheaper in Saltash. With a bit more promotion from Go-Ahead.

    It works both ways, First have the Saltash Pax but then run almost right through to town. Citybus may not have Saltaah custom but in my opinion over 90% of North Prospect, the Square etc.


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