06 September 2011

Riviera Au Revoir

Caradon Riviera Tours are shutting up shop as of Midnight last night for good.

Its fair to say on a recent visit only a month ago there is an eclectic mix of buses and coaches in stock on 3 sites with this operator from ex MOD Tigers, a Leicester Carriage bodied Leyland Truck chassis 29 seater, and ex Maynes Rebodied x reg Leyland Leopard with Tow hook mechanism fitted in the boot, ex Finglands and Shamrock and Rambler Tigers, ex Cardiff Optare Metroriders an ex Rossendale Tiger a Plaxton rebodied Derwent Leopard new to United or SYT last with First York/ Reynard Pullman york and a rare surviving ex Premier Travel of Cambridge Leopard amongst the mix.
Shame another independent bites the dust however this time due to Keith Deebles retirement rather than anything economic. Deeble-U-IAZ4775 ©Terry Partridge November 2010 Former Maynes Coaches.


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