26 August 2011

Is it fare?

Catching up with news from the past week we start with the new Citybus fares...
We have revised a couple of our fares, with the following changes being effective as of 4th September 2011.
We have NOT made any changes to any other tickets or fares apart from the following transfer tickets and single and return fares on some price bands.
Below are the revised fares as of 4th September.
Adult Single Fares
£1.30, £1.60, £2.00 or £2.30
Adult Return Fares
£1.70, £2.30, £2.90 or £3.20
Young Person’s / Student Single Fares
We are making all our young person's / student single fares a flat fare of £1.00*
Young Person’s / Student Return Fares
We are making all our young person's / student return fares a flat fare of £1.50*
Transfer Tickets
Adult £3.00 - Young Person's / Student £2.30
*Young Person’s / Student fares above are not available from the driver before 9.30am. Below we have highlighted tickets we have launched on the key to enable reduced rate travel before 9.30am.
Plymouth Citybus 24 August 2011

It is interesting what they have done with the young persons fare with a flat £1 single / £1.50 return. This is of course after 9.30 before then adult fares will be charged - which is when they are on the way to school! Might make the journey to work in the morning slightly nicer with less school kids on the bus?
This is of course the second price rise this year.
I will catch up on the recent links with the next post...


  1. I don't want to see Citybus fail :'(

  2. If one of the big boys really cock it up, you might see some of the little operators like Target or Jackett's becoming larger, which must be a good thing to see.


  4. A small company like Target could not run an opewration the size of Citybus.
    Citybus could price theirselves out of the market here...If I were FDC I would hold my fares if possible as surely with such huge differences in prices, FDC being much cheaper on many fares people living on the main trunk routes into the city serves by both operaters must be questioning their loyalty to Citybus now ???

    Our fares where we are is some 40 - 50p cheaperreturn to the city with FDC compared to the new Citybus fares in September...plus factor in the child walk on fares for children going to school being way cheaper on FDC, they have got to gain customers...They should look to advertise their fares on bus stops etc as there is still a common beleive in Plymouth that First are more expensive than Citybus..nothing could be further from the truth.

    Perhaps First should start their services in Southway, Honicknowle, Plympton etc again and perhaps Whitleigh!!!

    Citybus could be a gonner then!!! tHeir sevice is shocking anyway!!!

  5. First will soon follow. With the reduction in BSOG repayment to operators, reduction in concessionary fare reimbursement, and the constant rises in fuel prices they will either increase fares or go under. They lost £3M last year. No company can afford to continue with that size of loss.

  6. Could hang out long enough to see Citybus off though!!

  7. When the ugo routes 12, 13, 15, and 17 were set up, they were cheaper than Citybus. Apart from the 12 which intially took off the rest were far from successful. People dont like change, and the axing of two of those services in less than a year proves First arent in it for the long term.
    The 15 only survived because of the then 7 being cut, and the resultant extra passengers between the city and Derriford. First will very likely rise their fares soon, the drop in fares on the 3 clearly hasnt paid off. As one poster mentions the BSOG change will certainly influence this.

  8. Target Travel are certainly growing. They take the 59 from Citybus in the next few weeks.

    Target Travel have invested a fair few pounds in their fleet in the last few years.

    I think they made a wise move With all of the low floor Optare solos they bought. The Optares are perfect for the smaller roads in Plymouth compared to Citybus, who don't really have that many small vehicles.

    It would be great to see Jackett's get into Plymouth on a few local routes with their rather smart mini Darts

  9. Perhaps people shpuld embrace change..I live on main trunk into city and swapped from Citybus to First at the start of the 2009 bus war..I am still using First today...not only are thet cheaper but more reliable too!!!

  10. I think a lot of users will just catch the bus that turns up regardless of whether it is Citybus or First. A lot of people just buy a single fare which of course is comparatively expensive. The over 60's are not bothered which company they travel on after 9.30am and before 11pm.Havinf said that I am now starting to use First more than Citybus due to the fare difference!

  11. I take you point with people just getting the first bus that comes along but where I live bothy operate high frequencies and I witness walk onb passengers letting several First buses go past before paying more on Citybus...that just doesn't make sense!! Plus if you get a bus one day with Citybus and ir costs you £2.90 return to town and another day get First and it's £2.50..why go back to using Citybus the necxt time?? You are playing into their hands surely!!!

  12. Citybus have the Presence, and the 'Brand' which Subversively Counts for Alot! This School 09:30am Fares Change is a Huge Mistake!!

  13. Well lets hope it Kickc Citybus where it hurts!!! Haven't Go Ahead got a reputation for just running away if an operation doesn't go to plan ????


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