27 August 2011

Evolution 2

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  • Are They Having a Laugh? Still Sniggering! Public Transport Experience
  • £181,000,000 (say it quickly and it doesn't sound too bad) seems an awful lot of pennies for a few strips of concrete. And very nice they look, too Public Transport Experience
  • One of the minor irritations I find on timetables produced by a certain publicity house is the misuse (or non-use) of capital letters at certain timing points Omnibuses
  • "Muileann" is easy if you see the link to the Gallic, i.e. French, "moulin". It means "mill". And this IS the mill in about 1920. Public Transport Experience
  • Go Ahead have purchased new and expanded a number of their existing companies in the recent years. Their most recent acquisition is Thames Travel Southern England Bus Scene
  • Milngavie was served by Glasgow Trams and buses of the Alexander Midland company. Public Transport Experience
  • Omnibuses’ Northern Correspondent reports a little controversially on enthusiasts from the frozen north. Don’t blame me Omnibuses
  • Is it too much to hope for that bus companies will stop their petty spats with train companies, stick to the shorter-distance and fill-in stuff they’re better at, and realise that we’re all in it together against the private car? Omnibuses
  • I have long nurtured the idea of taking one of my buses to Lathalmond to visit the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum for the rally in August. So when we were out in my Bristol SUL4A with ECW C33F body we hatched the plan. Last Thursday the four of us ( Terry B, Ken, Woody and I ) set out for a six day trip with over a thousand miles of driving. TGP Photos Unlimited
  • The N reg Airbus Volvo Olympians have been going through a re-painting programme over the last few weeks down in Cornwall PTOTPA
  • The Oxford Bus Company have recently invested in 18 Enviro400 Hybrid double deckers to replace the fleet of Dennis Trident double deckers on Oxford's Park and Ride network. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Dire forecasts of a widening gap in service provision come from research sponsored by The P.T.E.G. Omnibuses
  • It seems to me, when it comes to reactions to the colourful output from Stenning’s Best Impressions design house, that reactions are actually very black & white. You love them or loathe them. There’s very little in between. Omnibuses
  • As well as John Betjeman's Rhododendron Ponticum invasion, the once secluded and up-market suburb of Broomhill (in Sheffield) has been invaded by the University and its student accommodation and by swish business offices in former Victorian mansions. Public Transport Experience

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