15 March 2011

Two from Truro

Two for Truronian now at work in Plymouth:
First 43809 S549SCV 22 February 2011 First 43810 KU52RXJ 22 February 2011

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  • Yesterday's blog, "Service Seventy Shambles" had an immediate effect at the hallowed home of the henchmen of David Brown, Director of TSY Public Transport Experience
  • The only bus route none of us had done (as we'd not had chance last year) was a trip to Moorish Castle using Gibraltar Bus Service's route 2. A Transport of Delight
  • We left our tale, a day or so ago (read again), with Northampton Corporation Transport [NCT] in the hands of First Group, and United Counties taken over by Stagecoach. Public Transport Experience
  • Hardly a day goes by without one searcher or another arriving here having typed “Fotopic problems” or similar. Omnibuses
  • I got back over to the island today for the second time this year - nothing has really changed since my January visit, apart from W&D now have two Solos and an on-loan Volvo B7RLE from W&D. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Plymouth Citybus have had a wide variety of buses on test over the years, and it was feared that under Go-Ahead ownership we may have seen no more on loan from the manufacturers PTOTPA
  • Last night’s fire at Xelabus, near Eastleigh, destroyed two double decks and a single deck. Fire crews were able to move other vehicles and were able to protect preserved buses also on the site Omnibuses
  • IT’S being suggested that FirstGroup may take advantage of a break clause in its Great Western contract by bowing out three years early – potentially saving £1 billion or more in premium payments. RailNews UK
  • Somehow I've managed to reach posting number one hundred so I thought I'd take a momentary break from contemporary reports (Salisbury, Bournemouth & Poole and the Bournemouth Aviation Museum Rally are in the pipeline) to cover a favourite moment in my past. Transport Illustrated
  • That in turn made me speculate on the reasons why some interurban services have prospered, while others have faded away Omnibuses
  • Devon has seen the bike bus in years gone by being modified duel door Leyland Nationals, with the room behind the rear door having spaces for bikes, and the front section being for the passengers! Well now First have come along with a whole new concept taking the same sort of ideas, but for the new generation of surfers for the region. PTOTPA
  • Its now day 5 without fotopic, and I think I've only just realised how central it was to my online activities. Southern England Bus Scene
  • I deposited myself at Gunwharf at about 10h45 on Saurday morning, awaiting the arrival of the inbound 315 that had come along the coast from Eastbourne. Very soon afterwards, HSK 644 rounded the corner. Time to hit Southampton! Forbesy's Transport Ramblings(NEW BLOG!)

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