30 November 2010

Mince Pie Specials

Plym Valley Mince Pie Specials are back!
Sunday 5th, 12th and 19th December. As usual the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group will be running a free shuttle service for the event. Timetable below. PVR2010
The PCTPG also have revamped their web site, which is well worth a visit.
Plym Valley Railway
Sorry for the break since last post- I just needed a break!
TfL and its predecessor realised that it was beneficial to paint all its franchised buses back into the familiar. A decade after the introduction of colour came a return to red Omnibuses
service 40 (Threemilestone to Camborne) ceased operation today after many years with the company. PTOTPA
It's still a work in progress, but my plan is to travel along every stretch of the Tube network, operated by passenger carrying trains. I've done a fair bit, but there are still a number of extremities that need covering A Transport of Delight
New York's latest sightseeing offering is a fleet of coaches all specified (at what is quoted as $1.3m each) for a brand new visitor experience Leon Daniels
Now that civil servants and politicians can no longer use first class, and businesses are cutting back, it is high time that the whole issue was re-examined. While having two classes may be a way for the operators to screw extra money out of their punters, if overcrowding is such a big issue as is claimed, then surely cutting first class is a no brainer Christan Wolmer
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