17 April 2010

Get your kicks on route 86

Now and Then: Route 86 to Tavistock

Now April 2010: First 40580 in Tavy Linx livery leaves Derriford en route to Tavistock
First 40580 YJ51RHX Then June 2006: First 41177 ex London Dennis Dart has just arrived back from Tavistock. First 41177 R177TLM Note the poorly fitted blind! Its funny how when you look back you can see how much has changed. When it came to destination displays First / Western National were always the poor relations to Citybus. A much more professional display is put forward these days.
The Plymothian Transit Computer
Well the new PC is now on order and should be with me in two weeks time. I have managed to speed things up slightly so will hopefully be able to keep things going until it arrives. Blogging should be fun - at the moment its hard work!
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15 April
09:18 DEVON & CORNWALL: no current issues to report. Enjoy the sun!
13:09 SOUTH DEVON: If you're lucky enough to not be at work or at school/college yet why not make the most of the sun and take a trip with us! If you fancy the beach the 93 serves the gorgeous Slapton & Blackpool Sands & the X80/X81 serves Paignton & Torquay. Or for a pub lunch in Yelverton (The Rock has a beer garden & is suitable for kids) or shops in Tavistock catch the 83/84/86 Browse timetables
16 April
10:50 Last chance to buy our special FirstFortnight Family Plymouth and Devon & Cornwall tickets today! Save up to 70% here
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15 April

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  1. Speaking of displays, First seem to have a typo on the blinds for the 81 at the moment - HMS Raleigh via "Soke". Likewise Citybus has the 35 going to nowhere at all on the Route 34-branded Enviros.


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