10 January 2010

Sunday Best: Western National GTA50N

 Tavistock Bus Station - in the sunshine! 

Thought it would be good to end the week with a reminder of what Tavistock Bus Station looks like in the sunshine with a proper bus in it! From way back in 1991 Bristol VRT 1080 on a School bus working. Happy days which seem even further away now. 1080-GTA50N-WN (by TGPhotos) Terry Partridge (cc - some rights reserved)
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First on Twitter 9 Jan 2010
09:01 The bus station at Tavistock is closed due to a gas leak. Buses will start and terminate on Plymouth Road.

09:21 Most routes in Plymouth and South Devon are now operational. Any body wishing to catch a bus this evening to wait on main roads.

09:31 Service 7 in Plymouth is not serving Pick Pie Drive in Woolwell or Marjons (only as far as Bickleigh Down roundabout on Woolwell Road)

09:31 Service 48 In South Devon is turning at Seaview Drive in Wembury due to ice. We apolgise for any inconvenience.

09:31 Service 76 between Plymouth, Callington and Launceston, is not serving Ashton and St Dominic due to ice for the rest of the day. Service X80/180 between Plymouth, Ivybridge, Totnes, Paignton and Torquay is not serving Cole Lane in Ivybridge and Westonfields in Totnes. Service 83/84/86 between Plymouth, Multley, Derriford Hospital, Yelverton and Tavistock are not serving Whitchurch. Service 87 between Tavistock and Bere Alston is not serving Bere Ferrers or the Railway Station. The bus station is closed in Tavistock. Service 89 in the Tavistock area is not serving Manor Estate due to ice. The bus station is also closed due to a gas leak. Service 93 between Plymouth, Kingsbridge and Dartmouth is operating as normal but not serving Aveton Gifford.
09:35 Sunday Service 48 between Wembury, Plymouth, Yelverton and Burrator will terminate at Yelverton due to ice on Dartmoor. Sunday Service 82 between Plymouth, Yelverton, Dartmoor and Exeter will not operate due to ice this Sunday.
18:35 TAVISTOCK Servs. to/from area may be disrupted tonight. Advice is to wait at stops along mainroads as sideroads/estates may not be passable. SALTASH Likely that services in area may be disrupted tonight. Advice is to wait at stops along mainroads as sideroads may not be passable.

18:41 DEVON & CORNWALL: Services resume Sunday morning & likely to operate same pattern as last few days serving main roads only in some areas

21:22 Adverse weather update - Service 6 in Plymouth is not operating via Holmwood Avenue due to ice. Services 1/1A in Plymouth & Saltash is not operating via St Stephens, Oaklands Drive & Yellowtor Road due to ice.
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 9 Jan 2010
07:46 Good Morning. All services are operating normally with just the same few places we still cannot serve due to ice. Forecast is for strong easterly winds today so please wrap up warmly and take great care on the untreated pavements

10:31 The 22 can at last serve Amados Drive but will not continue to the Ridgeway

11:27 Sorry but having inspected the area, Culver Way and Charfield Drive will be out of bounds to us until further notice. Safety comes first as I'm sure you will agree. Some better news is that we can now reach Amados Drive in Merafield although the 22 will terminate there as the route onward to the Ridgeway is still unsafe. The bus will wait at Amados Drive for the return journey to the City

11:36 Plymouth Citybus The NOTES page has been updated with all available information. Keswick Crescent, Deer Park and Sheridan Road are all now open to us.

PlymTransit on Twitter


  1. Talk about a blast from the past..this was my era when I was driving at Tavistock Depot, and remember 1080 amongst others, and Tavistock Bus Station, in its old layout, very well.

  2. I loved riding on these Bristol VR's between Plymouth and Tavistock each seemed to make different sounds too. The old bus station was certainly better for photography wasn't it.


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