09 January 2010

Snow Balls

We even started getting buses down Keswick Crescent

Just a quickie for now, but yesterday saw services pretty much getting back to normal in all but a few cases. First put out that the 15 was not serving Estover at 7:30 but by 08:30 it certainly was. We even started getting buses down Keswick Crescent.
Cornwall is still seeing quite a bit of snow with many services being hit, and North Devon also seems to be suffering but even here things are beginning to return to normal.
That said there was one story which illustrates another problem bus companies face in extreme weather:

A BUS has been taken out of service after its windscreen was smashed with snowballs. A group of youths threw snowballs at a First National bus near the junction of Broadwalk and Beatrice Avenue in Saltash at 12.30pm on Wednesday. Saltash police are keen to hear from anybody who may have witnessed the incident and who may have any information leading to the identification of offenders.
This is Plymouth

Quite why the Evening Herald insist on calling the company First national is beyond me!

Of course, the weather forecast for the weekend does suggest there is quite a bit more snow coming our way, so we could be right back where we started shortly - What fun!!

First on Twitter 8 Jan 2010
07:24 PLYMOUTH: services 5,12 & 13 operating as normal, Service 1/1A between Plymouth and Saltash is not serving St Stephens, Oaklands Drive or Yellowtor Road, Serv 2 operating but not serving Forresters Rd. Serv 6 operating but not serving Goosewell, Holmwood Ave & Broadway West, Service 7 is not serving Woolwell, Service 11 is not serving St Pancras Avenue or Honicknowle Green, Service 15 is not serving Estover, Asda, Mainstone, Service 17 is only serving Southway Drive in Southway and is not serving Dunnet Road or Clittaford Road. Service 76 between Plymouth, Callington and Launceston, is not serving Launceston, buses are terminating at Callington Service X80/180 between Plymouth & Torquay is not serving Cole Lane and the estates in Ivybridge & Westonfields in Totnes

08:00 Service 83/84/86 between Plymouth, Multley, Derriford Hospital, Yelverton & Tavistock are not serving Whitchurch, Services 87/89 are not currently operating, Service 93 between Plymouth, Kingsbridge and Dartmouth is operating as normal but not serving Aveton Gifford.

18:40 Adverse weather update - all services in North Devon will terminate at 2000 this evening as a result of falling temperatures. SALTASH Likely that services in area may be disrupted tonight. Advice is to wait at stops along mainroads as sideroads may not be passable. TAVISTOCK Servs. to/from area may be disrupted tonight. Advice is to wait at stops along mainroads as sideroads/estates may not be passable

19:08 PLYMOUTH/SOUTH DEVON TOMORROW: Providing there is no more snow & roads are gritted services should operate to same pattern as last few days

Citybus on Twitter / Facebook 8 Jan 2010
06:31 FRIDAY 0631 - We are currently only unable to serve, Culver Way, St Georges Road, Austin Crescent, Merafield, Charfield Drive, Leatfield Drive, Whitleigh Green, Holly Park, Deer Park, Ringmore Way, Admiralty Street, Woodford, Steer Park, Keswick Crescent, Pilmere and Sheridan Road. There is still a lot of ice out there, please take great care

08:15 Sheridan Road is now open to buses.

08:36 Deer Park and Keswick crescent now open with care

09:51 Sorry but due to a burst water main we have been forced to pull services from St Pancras Avenue

09:53 Service 31 has been reinstated but will operate along Beacon Park Road rather than the side streets which are still icy

12:02 We are delighted to say that we have been able to restore the 58 and 59 services. They are operating the full route with the exceptions of Wotter Village and Roborough Village. If youlive along these routes - thanks for your patience

12:03 St Pancras Avenue has now been reopened following quick work to repair the burst water main.

12:24 Austin Crescent is now open to us.

12:40 Whitleigh Green now open services 44 44A back to normal Service 43B can now serve Ringmore Way but still cannot serve Holly Park the 43B is using Budshead Road and is then turning at Whitleigh Green

19:45 Provided that there is no overnight snow or rain we hope to operate a full network as shown.

19:46 Please visit our new NOTES page to check the status of your bus for Saturday. Click on the NOTES tab at the top of the page.

PlymTransit on Twitter

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  1. i was on that bus with a trainee driver it certainly was'nt just snow in the snowballs, i think they had put rocks in too!


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