13 April 2010

Fading beauty

The glamour fades with time

Still clinging on, but surely for not too much longer, Dennis Dart 117 carries this rear advert, which has faded badly over the window at least. Plymouth Citybus 117 L117YOD Which is a shame because the windows was the best bit! Plymouth Citybus 117 L117YOD August 2006.
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10 April
nope - nothing!
Citybus on Twitter / Facebook
12 April
07:30 Due to roadworks along Alexandra Rd in both directions services will be using Exeter St and Embankment Rd. Further information on facebook
09:14 All Services running normally this evening, expect with the diversions on services 8,9,20, as Alexandra Road is closed due to roadworks

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  1. i disagree, although i am a fan of the odd "page 3" i feel this sort of images should'nt be on a bus especially when i have seen them operating school services!

  2. The lady on the back, on the bottom, seems to have slid further down her pole! And writing has moved up!
    In fact - the whole advert seems to have been reapplied - the fleet numbers are a different colour, and various features (such as her thumb) have moved. :D


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