23 February 2010

WWW: Target Travel - well worth the wait

Target Travel Web site - now live and looking good

Thanks to a Tweet from DoddyUK that alerted me to the fact that Target Travel have finally updated their web site and I do feel its well worth waiting for as it seems a nice simple well designed site...

The home page is clean and easy on the eye and all the links do seem to do exactly what they say they do. If you click on one of the menu items along the top the main page stays the same but the large information panel changes, as we see from the 'about us' page...

I do like the fact that links to the timetables are always visible on the right hand side as this is what most visitors to the site will probably be looking for. The timetables themselves are also very clean and simple to use

The timetable for the 52A
In fact I have just this second noticed a slight error in that the timetable mentions that Citybus journeys are shown - but they are not! A very small error really and at least it does point out that some journeys are run by Citybus, and its easy to find their timetables online elsewhere.
All in all a very impressive effort and well worth the (long!) wait.


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