24 February 2010

1500 and counting

Post number 1500 deserves a special bus

I could see I was coming up to post number 1500 so I have been looking out for something special and thanks to AEC Regent I have found it. In all my bus spotting years this has always been my favourite bus. The grey window rubbers always made this bus more elegant that those with the standard black surrounds. The bus sounded different to the other VRs too. I always knew this bus was special but it was only later in my life that I discovered its true historical significance, which just made it even better as far as I was concerned. ODV78M ©AECRegent
"Two things were different about this VR: First, it was the only VR delivered to Western National with the M-suffix, second it was the first of nine delivered to them with a Leyland engine as opposed to the usual Gardner engine. At Plymouth in the early 1980s."
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  1. Indeed.... but it was more than just that... it was the prototype Series 3 (the subsequent GTA-Ns being further Series 2s). A unique vehicle and a tragedy that it was exported.

  2. Congratulations on your 1500th post Graham - here's to another 1500!

    A nice choice of vehicle to celebrate your achievement


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