23 December 2009

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Plymouth Citybus on Facebook

Continuing the mini-series looking at how our local companies are using the internet we have a look at how Plymouth Citybus are using Facebook.
Citybus started their Facebook Fan Page at the same time as they went live on Twitter and most of the updates on Facebook are those that get sent out on Twitter. The big difference is that they don't have the 140 character limit that Twitter has.
This morning on Twitter we have

while on Facebook we get

The less restrictive message length is being put to good use with additional information, resulting in a friendlier feel to it. It is worth noting that Citybus have to send the updates to both Twitter and Facebook separately as they are not allowed to link the updates as non-commercial members can.

It is also clear that Facebook seems to be having the greater reach as they have 135 fans at the moment.
There is a lot more to Facebook than just text updates and Citybus are beginning to make use of these. One of the most popular features of Facebook is the ability to upload photos and Citybus already have a few to view. The Citybus gallery has 20 photos so far, which I am sure will grow in the new year. The other gallery shows some of the staff in costume during the recent Mufti-day - you may well recognise a few drivers! A great way of highlighting the work that Citybus does in the community.

All in all a good effort which I am sure will grow and become even more useful and entertaining over the coming year. Hopefully the link below will take you to their page...
Plymouth Citybus Facebook
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Yesterday on Twitter

I am now adding the previous days Tweets to each post as it gives an easier way to look back and see what was happening on any set day. It will just be the text of each message as it is just for archive purposes:
Services 58 and 59 have been withdrawn from Wotter Village due to icy conditions. Buses will use the by pass and use the by pass bus stops
Due to icy roads in Saltash we are currently unable to serve Yellowtor Road with service 26 and service 152 is restricted to the main roads
We are still unable to operate service 26 through Yellowtor Road service 152 stays on the main road All other services operating normally
Service 26 now operating with care inbound via Yellowtor Road Saltash, still unable to operate the route outbound due to icy conditions
Service 26 is now operating the normal full route in Saltash. The 152 is unfortunately still operating via the main roads only.
There are short delays to all buses using Transit Way due to heavy traffic. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause
A burst water main in Union Street means all services diverted via King Street
An accident in Alma Road near to the Del La Hey Avenue junction is causing delays to all services using Alma Road in both directions

N DEVON X7 still unable to serve Sainsburys supermarket & the 32 unable to serve Whittingham Rd - both due to ice. We'll keep you posted
Adverse Weather update - Service X7 in North Devon is still unable serve the Sainsburys Store at Mill on the Mole.
Adverse Weather update - Service 32 in North Devon can now serve Whittingham Road. The road has been reopened as at 1400
Adverse weather update - Services 25, 26, 27, 47, 82/82A, 83, 84, 85/85A, 93 are delayed due to ice
Adverse weather update - Services 14/18 in the Chacewater area in Cornwall are delayed due to ice
Adverse weather update - Services 25, 26, 27, 47, 82/82A, 83, 84, 85/85A, 93 in Cornwall are late but running due to ice
Adverse weather update - Service 68/68A in the Old Hill area of Penryn in Cornwall are delayed due to ice
Adverse weather update - All Services in North Devon are operational but are delayed due to snow and ice
Adverse weather update - Services 14, 18, 40 now operating as normal via Chacewater and St Day in Cornwall
Adverse weather update - Service 303 will not serve Westdown Village due to ice in North Devon
Adverse weather update - Service 303 is not able to serve Heanton Punchardon & Ashford due to ice
Adverse weather update - Service 3 in Plymouth will b delayed as a result of the closure of Union Street by police.
Adverse weather update - Service 84 in Truro suspended due to ice
Adverse weather update - Service 88 in Cornwall will not operate via Malabar this evening due to ice

Phew! I think when you look back at this at any time in the future it will give a good idea of how difficult it can be to run a bus service in cold weather!
PlymTransit on Twitter

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