01 November 2009

Sunday Best on Flickr: Plymouth MCO661




“Basking in the sun at Plymouth’s Bretonside bus station”

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Just to be clear we didn't withdraw from bidding for Plymouth Citybus. We didn't actually start!

Plymouth City Transport No.61 (MCO661) Plymouth (by Richie B.)©Richie B.
Basking in the sun at Plymouth’s Bretonside bus station before a 12 mile trip to Shaugh Prior is MCO661, a 56 seat Metro-Cammell bodied Leyland Titan PD2, which was new to Plymouth City Transport, along with 23 others, in 1956 as No.61. In 1965 it was renumbered 661 and it carried this number until withdrawal in 1972. The bus will be heading on a not unpleasant journey to villages and hamlets in china clay country within the Dartmoor National Park. Although long gone a sister vehicle survives today and is in fact still in service. It is MCO658 (No.358) and its longevity can almost certainly be attributed to its open-top configuration, a result of an unfortunate accident early in its life

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Sorry for the gaps in posting this past week. The planned post for Thursday disappeared completely - no idea what happened to it! Not even in my drafts folder so complete mystery to me.

Finally - I am aware that the site was unavailable for a time on Saturday. This wasn't just me, it was a Blogger issue which affected the whole of Europe apparently!
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