19 July 2009

Sunday Best on Flickr MCO253H

"The hardest part of this is trying to decide which shot to use each week”

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The last word
What Bus?

Local History Blog:
Mt Edgcumbe Training

Extreme Contrast

253, Plymouth, early 1980s (by aecregent) Plymouth Citybus Leyland Atlantean MCO253H Plymouth early 1980's ©aecregent (Flickr)
It never ceases to amaze me just how many great photos from years gone by get posted up to Flickr each week. I have generally restricted myself to one Flickr posting each week, but there are so many shots being added each week I could easily do one a day and not have to find anything else! The hardest part of this is trying to decide which shot to use each week. When I do post shots like these don't forget to click on the photo, or the links to explore their photostreams as there is so much out there.
Thanks to all the fellow Flickerites for allowing me to use their shots, and keep them coming!

On a personal note, I am back to work this coming week, after no less than 10 weeks off! Looking forward to getting back into some sort of general routine. Thanks to all the messages I received while I was off, especially when I was admitted to hospital earlier on.

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