02 November 2009

Citybus and Paypoint


Exclusive to Paypoint

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Plymouth Citybus now have more details on their Pay Point service starting this week:
From the 5th November Plymouth Citybus customers will be able to advance purchase our very popular DayRider ticket and top up a number of Freedom Card products at any one of the 137+ Pay Point outlets across Plymouth and Saltash. View the details here or you can download the PDF from Citybus here


All customers will be able to purchase Adult, Child and Family Dayrider Paper tickets.
Exclusive to Paypoint it will be possible to advance purchase a DayRider for use up to seven days in advance.


  1. Good to see they've included Stored Value as an option, looks like I'll be topping mine up more often. It'll be interesting to see if there's an increase in takeup of the Freedom Card once this is under way.

  2. This won't work for me. I have to say I swapped to First services when they started competing with Citybus and find their services far superior in every way. They are cleaner, better value, more frequent and more reliable so a ticketing gimmick is not going to get me back to Citybus!!!

  3. Anon - which route? I live in Peverell/Pennycross and had First's commitment to Plymouth services amply demonstrated to me when the evening 11's (and the 34B before that) were withdrawn


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