06 May 2009

Secure Stations

"Many stations are old and were designed without personal security in mind. In such cases operators will need to make whatever improvements are possible.”

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Secure Station Scheme

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Accredited Secure Stations in Devon and Cornwall
View Secure Stations in Devon and Cornwall in a larger map
Back on 28th April I posted about Secure Stations in the region. As part of this post I wondered how many stations locally had been accredited as Secure Stations as this information did not appear anywhere. Well thanks to the Department of Transport (under Freedom of Information) I can tell you that officially there are 66 stations in Devon and Cornwall operated by First Great Western that have achieved Secure Station Status. I have plotted these on the map above which you can zoom in on to the individual station to see when the station was accredited. The accreditation is valid for two years with Barnstable being officially out of date already.
If you do look at the map you will see that there are not actually 66 stations displayed. This is because 2 of the stations are in Somerset and 1 is in Avon!
You might also notice that apart form Plymouth Station itself, none of the other local stations are included. This is not a big surprise I guess but it would be nice to see at some stage in the future.


  1. how on earth has saltash got secure station status!? it is the worst and poorly maintained station in devon and cornwall, its as secure as a as a house with the door wide open and a sign which tells people nobodys home!

  2. It does seem strange that Saltash can get it but none of Plymouths local stations can. I have yet to get any furtehr info on this!


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