08 May 2009

Trathens in the dock

"the causes of many of the offences appeared to come about due to ignorance of EU law”

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Sorry for lack up updates this week but I have been proper poorly this week and am still undergoing tests to discover the cause of a severe chest pain. Got to take things really easy at the moment!

Dont get too excited by the photo, its a fake I cobbled up in Photoshop a few years ago!

EIGHT drivers for a city coach firm pleaded guilty to a number of driving offences following a prosecution by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

About 24 drivers for Trathens Travel Services Ltd were called to Plymouth Magistrates Court relating to offences uncovered by VOSA last year.

Felicity Hine, prosecuting on behalf of the agency, claimed the drivers were found to have failed in a number of actions, including taking required breaks, not using the digital tachograph as provided, false records, exceeding total driving time and failing to have daily or weekly rest periods.
The Defender for Trathens said the causes of many of the offences appeared to come about due to ignorance of EU law, a misunderstanding of what constituted the driving period and how to amend the recordings with unpredictable events which delayed the driver.
Of the 86 offences in total initially put to the 24 drivers, 23 were withdrawn. The drivers pleaded guilty to the remaining 60 charges while two more drivers who are still to appear before magistrates will face the final three charges. Full story from This is Plymouth

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