01 April 2009

Targeted Growth

"to replace the awful Marshall buses ”


TGP goes to town

Target TridentToday sees the introduction of Target Travels ‘new’ Dennis Trident low floor double decker on the Northern Connect X56 (and 52A during the day). The bus was supplied by First Group and is one one a small batch of 4 Tridents and 3 Darts coming to Target over the next few months to replace the awful Marshall buses along with the remaining step entrance Darts. A few of the recent Optare Solo’s will be going in the opposite direction once all the new, larger low floor buses enter service.
The X56 was chosen as the first to receive the double deckers due to increasing passenger numbers. Tamar Science Park in particular is seen as a growing source of revenue with weekly passenger numbers using the new Travel Hub expected to hit single numbers by the end of next year.

This is of course an April Fool - None of the above is true in any shape or form. I wish it was though! 
The original Trident photo of the bus in London all over red livery was taken by Matthew Wharmy and is on his Flickr site HERE. Full Copyright etc belongs to him.  


  1. I'm very pleased to see they've also extended the service to Uxbridge. Oh, wait...

  2. Hopefully this might finally sting Citybus into getting some nice low-floor deckers...

  3. You missed the standard paper route number in the front windscreen. A Target trademark.

  4. Rats. Must remember to check the date in future!

    ...the point still stands; get low-floor deckers, Citybus! :)

  5. I think there are some in the company who would like to, but I am not holding my breath!


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