31 March 2009

Ships that pass by

"live mapping of marine traffic”

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Omnibuses2.0: Jubilation

Considering that Plymothian Transit aims to cover all forms of transportation in and around Plymouth, and that Plymouth is well known for being a major port, I very rarely mention sea traffic. Well, today I cam across an interesting site which provides live mapping of marine traffic. sure how much traffic it actually covers but the ships and boats it does find are plotted on the map, and when you click on the marker it gives you the information it has on that vessel. It a large number of cases it also gives you a photo too. Marinetraffic.com


  1. Assuming the site is accurate, I am surprised that this sort of info is available, especially the position of our naval vessels and also the petrol tankers, which would also make a nice target

  2. I think the positioning is accurate - but I am sure there is plenty out there which is not being recorded.


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