12 March 2009

Gold Star Award


Well done Dave, we're proud of you



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This is Plymouth
A BUS driver who became a school governor has won the Gold Star Award. Dave Connell, a driver in Plymstock, is First Devon and Cornwall's nominated winner of the award, which the bus company sponsors. Mr Connell, aged 59, has worked 'on the buses' since 1968, and has driven the school bus at Coombe Dean School for seven years. He became a community governor at the school three years ago.

Marc Reddy, managing director of First Devon and Cornwall, said: "Dave is one of the best bus drivers we have. He's committed and enthusiastic and he applies the same dedication to his role as school governor.

"He's helped us build links with the school and the importance of this, in itself, should not be underestimated. He thoroughly deserves his Gold Star Award; Well done Dave, we're proud of you." [archive link]

Having known Dave and his family for many years I have to add my own congratulations to Dave. A reward well deserved for a true busman!


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Well, I did it! I am now back to being a skinhead! Three years of growing my hair and I am now back where I started. Nearly £300 raised for Comic Relief so I cant complain- but my head is cold!

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  1. Well Done Dave, one awesome award, for an awesome man!


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