10 March 2009

Making life a little bit easier


So all in all its slow progress. But at least it is progress

Our new bus stop - at last

Catching a bus from Keswick Crescent has finally become a little easier recently with the arrival of one of the new style bus stop flags. This makes it easier for me as I quite often use the sms service to check to see if and when the next bus is coming and it now means I don't have to try and search through my previous messages on the phone to find the bus stop code as it is now on the bus stop flag itself. There is also a nice little time table holder although this has remained empty so is not much use. Of course passengers going the other way get a shelter from the rain, which we don't get on this side, but then they have no notice anywhere of the sms bus stop code so cant use that facility. (on balance I think I would prefer a shelter really)

Of course what would be nice is the Real Time display system being installed in the shelter but I am not holding my breath for this. We are still waiting for it to be installed at Derriford in our nice shiny new shelters - the fittings are there - but are boarded up. So all in all its slow progress. But at least it is progress!

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Just as an aside, those out there that know me may well notice a slight change in my appearance after tomorrow. The fat long haired git becomes a fat skinhead git! I am having all my hard grown head of hair shaved off for Comic Relief by the girls at work. Over £250 raised so I have to go through with it! I just hope that no one checks my brand new smart card bus pass to closely as it shows me with long hair and a beard - both will have gone by the end of tomorrow!

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