13 March 2009

First Caught on Camera

"the camera was telling me the battery was almost dead ”

Other First photos:
First 42969
First 32803
First 42832

Numberzz: 79
Red noses
TGP in the fog
3D pavement art
First 20701 FN06FLC
Having the day off work and seeing that the weather was brightening up I decided to spend an hour or so down at Marsh Mills to get a few more photos of what is out there on the roads of Plymouth. It was my first such outing this year and was quiet successful in that I took over 400 photos, with most of them coming out pretty well. The results will be appearing here over the next week or so. Today I feature some of the First buses and coaches that I caught on camera starting with this fine Caetano coach which actually manages to look good even in the awful National Express livery.
First 20547 WX53WGF
20547 bog standard Plaxton coach on National Express somehow doesn't carry the livery so well
First 48234 W834PFB First 32717 W717RHT
On the X80 we see 48234 Volvo Wright and 32717 Dennis Trident East Lancs
First 50306 S412GUB First 32875 T875KLF
Two buses that were not in service: Mercedes 50306 in Tamar Link livery and then Dennis Trident 32875 which has just arrived from London. Not a brilliant photo as it caught me by surprise as I had finished taking photos for the day, the camera was telling me the battery was almost dead and it came around the corner as I was walking away from my photographers perch.

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