22 February 2009

Sunday Best: Skyliner on National Express

"which look great even in the current dull National Express livery”


AEC Regents Flickr

Christian Wolmar on National Express
OES628Y, Bond Street, Bristol, July 1896 Photo by AecRegent (Flickr Stream) ©AecRegent “Having just left the bus station in Bristol, this coach is keeping left to go up the M32 and then the M4 to its destination at London Victoria. Taken from a pedestrian bridge over the road” OES628Y Bond Street. Bristol July 1986 (I assume not 1896!)

Trathens have long been linked to the Neoplan Skyliners having introduced them on their London services way back in 1981. They still have a batch of them on National Express duties which look great even in the current dull National Express livery. The word is however that this will soon come to an end as they are about to be replaced by 15M long single deck coaches. No idea what these will be yet, but I cant see them being as impressively distinctive as the Skyliners. Shame. 15M of plain white coach with a few grey ‘stair rods’ at the back. Hardly eye catching is it?


  1. Trathens are starting to take delivery of there new coaches not sure what they are yet but National Express themselves have ordered Scania's with Caetano Bodywork.

  2. Trathens is replacing its Neoplan 'deckers with 15 metre Volvo B12B(T) / Plaxton 'Accessible' Panther C65FTL tri-axles, LSK870 is shown on http://nationalexpresscoaches.fotopic.net/c1489135.html

  3. Having been a passenger on these new 15m coaches between Glasgow and London i can only say they are the worst coach on the road today as far as passenger comfort is concerned. The Caetanos that operate the other service are far superior. Why did Trathens not order those instead

  4. I've also taken a trip today between Heathrow and London (admittedly not as long a journey as London to Glasgow) I feel they are far superior to Caetanos tri-axles. The Volvos are very nippy compared with the underpowered Scania Caetanos.

  5. I can only presume you were in a hurry to get to London. The one thing we have to remember is these coaches have room for 64 passengers compared to 53 on the Caetanos tri-axels so passenger comfort has been compromised.


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