21 February 2009

A natural split?

""There's almost nothing left on Armada Way apart from Dingles.”


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Armarda Way
Following on neatly from my ‘Quiet Sunday’ posting comes the suggestion that the City Centre should be split in two! 

This is Plymouth

: PLYMOUTH is likely to end up with TWO city centres polarised around Drake Circus mall and the West End's 'independent sector', top retail figures have suggested.

It means new uses should be sought for the area in the middle around Armada Way, which is becoming a 'wasteland' as businesses close or move.

Empty shops should be turned into housing or used as restaurants and cafes, it is suggested. "We will end up with two city centres," predicted Business Improvement District Ambassador Richard Brewster. "There's almost nothing left on Armada Way apart from Dingles. [archived]

It is certainly an interesting debate which needs to be had but I cant see the are in between being used for housing somehow. They do need to find something to start to fill the gap between the two ends of the centre though. The large square is great when there are events and other attractions going on, but a on a wet day with nothing going on this area is a wasteland and a real pain in the neck as its really exposed to the wind and the rain going straight up through Armada Way. Maybe this could be the answer to replacing Bretonside? or bringing the buses off Royal Parade and into Armada Way closer into the City Centre? Plenty of reasons why not I guess but its a thought!

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