18 February 2009

A quiet Sunday

"Armada Way itself is a rather bland square these days”

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A Quiet Sunday by argentem, on Flickr
©Argentum (More of his photos here on Flickr) Plymouth City Centre 1968

A superb shot of what the junction of Royal Parade and Armada Way used to look like. How different from today!
Contrast this with a few years later and this superb shot from aecregent:
162 & 188 by aecregent Armada Way no longer joins onto Royal Parade in this shot. The two fine Atlanteans take their place on the extended bus stops. Of course now the bus stops have retreated back again and the underpass has gone and a new zebra crossing takes pride of place at this location. Armada Way itself is a rather bland square these days and now dominated by the large TV screen. The shot below looks back towards Royal Parade to where the above two photos were taken from.
City Centre TV screen

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