23 February 2009

At last they are here

"After a long wait the London Tridents have finally started to arrive”

T878KLF in London
T879KLF in London
T879KLF in London
T880KLF in London

Make your own - Paper model to cut out and make of T878KLF

Louis Flickr stream

3278 Dennis Trident First Devon and Cornwall by Louisandbuses
©Louisandbuses. Flickr
After a long wait the London Tridents have finally started to arrive in Plymouth. At least three are known to have arrived so far T878-80KLF which are in standard Barbie livery. I was looking for a few photos of the buses up in London and was really surprised to see that Louis has got one in Plymouth - well done!


  1. Unfortunately it looks like these buses aren't for plymouth, there are 7 due to go to North Devon and 5 due to go to Falmouth for the 88 route

    would be nice to have them here though

  2. Are these ones getting de-double-doored before entering service?

  3. They have already been de-double-doored. I think that the P&R should have double doors, much better.


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