27 February 2009

How are we doing?

"We believe our punctuality figure is truly representative of the experience our passengers face, but it is derived from a sampling process.”

The graph hasn't exactly come out as I had hoped but it is still good enough to show the figures that First Devon and Cornwall have been reporting each month for their punctuality and reliability.
The main bars highlight the percentage of services running on time
The ‘punctuality' score is an indication of how often buses run to time. The Traffic Commissioner (the bus industry's regulatory authority) considers the timekeeping of bus services is acceptable if they arrive at all points on a route no more than one minute early or five minutes late. This is also the standard we use (target 95%).
The top red line shows the percentage of services actually ran (Reliability -target 100%)
The ‘reliability' measure shows how many services were operated over a period of time. This figure is derived on our comprehensive knowledge of all cancellations, and is therefore a very accurate measure. Our aim is to run 100% of our scheduled services

The gap is for January 2008 as no figures appear in their online archives for that period. I should point out that the periods do not match up exact calendar months.


  1. Trouble with publishing your own reliability figures is just that. They are your own figures. I bet if you asked a regular passenger if these figures are representative of the service they receive I would put money on it that their experience is nothing like the figures published. Any company could provide figures such as these based on their own sampling. Particularly when they select their own samples. What a farce. The problem is people believe these figures.

  2. Interesting how the peak holiday season Jul/Aug figures are better than Oct/Nov/Dec!


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