07 September 2008

Cops on camera

Devon and Cornwall Police WA57AAF

I have not managed to get many photos of police cars as often they are moving at fair speed, and also with many photographers having problems with police these days I try to be discreet when I grab a shot like this. I have only been asked once by a policeman what I was doing, and he was very friendly and more than happy for me to continue. Many other photographers have not been so lucky!

Devon & Cornwall Police W732KUD

Back from 2001 at the Crash Rescue Competition.

In a nice coincidence Dave Boulter MBE who was at the 2001 event supplies the next photo of a Devon and Cornwall Police Car, this time in Torquay.

Devon and Cornwall Police WA07ACF

©Dave Boulter MBE

I am more than happy to use Daves photo here as I have spent an hour watching a great video from 1995/6 produced by Dave as part of his Focus upon Devon's Emergency Services series:

This series of one hour programmes not only gives a strong flavour of the vehicles and waterborne craft used by the emergency services in the county but also portrays the beautiful scenery and coastline that so accurately leads to the titles English Riviera and Glorious Devon (even if very recent years have seen more rainfall than hitherto!) Those familiar with the southern coastline will know that it is hugged by the main railway line between Exeter and Newton Abbot, emerging again near water just outside Plymouth. Whether your particular delight or interest is the sea, railway, beautiful countryside, holiday venue or emergency services, the emphasis is very much on the latter but with this series combining all those factors to make it a truly memorable set of programmes

The 2001 event also features in the collection which I am looking forward to seeing as I hope to make an appearance myself- well I was there anyway so you never know.

Dave has produced a full detailed introduction and guide to his videos which are available to buy from him as he says:

I have decided to make them available at only a small cost (as a token contribution towards defraying some of my past expenditure and current reproductive costs) in an absolutely ‘no frills’ package. Plain labelling of the disc and no fancy packaging, letting instead the content of each disc speak for itself. Originally recorded on VHS and now transferred to DVD, each one-hour disc will retail at £9.99p plus a nominal £1 post and packaging by ordinary mail. Recorded post is available at the appropriate rate. Turnouts & Incidents! Part 1 is a special 90-minute programme costing £12.99 plus £1 p & p, as is Horns & Strobes! Part 11 which lasts for 92 minutes. In the unlikely event you are not entirely satisfied with your DVD a full refund will be available.

The full guide is here

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