27 July 2008

It was a very hot day on Plymouth Hoe

The Plymouth Bus Rally does seem to be blessed with good weather most years but today's was exceptional. If anything it was too bright and sunny for photography - but that was a minor issue really. Below is just a few photos taken during the day - of the buses that Zak and myself actually had rides in.

Inside of the BMC Schoolbus

The one photo I took of the outside of this bus didnt come out as the autofocus on my camera gets confused when its too bright! a BMC School bus with 3x2 seating which Zak thought was a bit strange! He did enjoy the ride on this one as it had music in!

Western National 824 KDV

My all time favourite bus 824KDV gave a good performance as ever and we were lucky enough to get front seats upstairs which Zak enjoyed. Brought back lots of memories of catching these buses to school on the 6 and 7 and doing my homework on the front seats - the front ledge being a useful work base!

Girst Devon and Cornwall 38000 D700GHY

The opent op tours were the most popular all day - with good reason! D700GHY is a very nice and tidy open top conversion with very comfortable seats on the top deck. Its stall a real shame we cant have open top buses back around Plymouth sea front again though.

Plymouth Citybus 171 TTT171X

It was good to get back on a Citybus Atlantean. 171 looks in great condition on the outside and gave a good ride. It was interesting the number of people along the free ride who thought it was in service.

Western National 336EDV

Perhaps the most comfortable bus we rode on today - at least if it wasn't so hot, was this little Bristol SU. Always a pleasure to ride this great little bus.

As I said, lots more photos to follow during the week ahead. All in all it as was excellent event and big thanks due to the organisers. It was good to put faces to a few more names too.

Already looking forward to next years event - which promises to be even more special - but more on that later!


  1. That was today?! Can't believe I missed it! And I only live 5 minutes walk away! :(

  2. I live 40 miles away and regret I also did not realise the event was being held but would happily have attended had I realised! Do you think as part of your excellent blog you could kindly remind your readers a week or two in advance of such functions in the west country you become aware of please? Thanks!


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