25 July 2008

Trying to get out of Derriford

If you are going to breakdown...

It was a miserable damp morning and I had just got off the bus (the second red Dart in the background) and walked across to the main bus stop ready to catch the next one out to my place of work. It soon became apparent that the FDC Dart in the front the the queue wasnt going anywhere.

If you are going to breakdown this is the place to do it!

The queue of traffic by now reaching back to the main road. Actually just after I took this photo the driver did manage to start the bus and bring it into the bus stop. The driver was telling 'control' that this was the second time it had stopped like this. Control then obviously told him to try to continue up to The George. It all seemed to be going well as the driver pulled out into traffic and started to pass the Citybus Dart at the top bus stop - he only got this far...

If you are going to breakdown...

and stopped again. He was back on the phone to 'Control' when I pointed out to him the fluid that was pouring out the back of the bus.

There was just about room for buses to get passed if they mounted the pavement but it was tight. My own Taxibus was caught up in the queue behind this bus so I managed to get my ride to work just after I took this photo.

Luckily for Diana and Daniel 'they go' visiting Derriford and FDC did get them to Derriford Hospital. Lets hope they were not in a hurry to get home!

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