16 July 2008

Explorer Tickets rise confusion

Stagecoach Devon 52343 P803XTA

Red-faced officials at Stagecoach Devon say details of a huge hike in fares — almost 40 per cent on some tickets — were “accidentally” made public before any final decision was made.

Stagecoach planned to increase the price of its weekly saver ticket — the adult Megarider Gold — from £22 to £30, a rise of 37 per cent. The ticket is particularly popular with passengers who commute long distances into the city for work.

The company also intended to up the price of a one-day adult Explorer ticket from £6 to £7.50.

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It is clear that Stagecoach Devon want to put the ticket prices up - but does seem confusion reigns as to how much they are going up by! £7.50 seems quite a lot for a day ticket especially as we will only have the X38 into Plymouth now. I guess we will also have to wait and see if the Western Greyhound day ticket will also increase by the same amount?


  1. The WG Day Explorer is already £7 as it went up earlier in the year.

    Incidentially the X38 is diverted via Bittaford and Ivybridge from Monday and will be operated by low floor vehicles - three Tridents (made surplus from the X45)will move from Torquay to Exeter. The X38 also goes back to hourly which will be welcome.

  2. Any possibility that you can show more than 1 post on the front page again, please?


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