17 July 2008

86 / 118 confusion

It seems that there has been a great deal of confusion surrounding the loss of the 86 service from FDC.

What has been confirmed is that FDC will cease running the route on 26th September.

The route was then reverting to Tavistock - Barnstable and reverting to route number 118. It had been announced that Hookways had won the tender to operate the route. Certainly FDC drivers had been informed that it was Hookways. Hookways themselves received enquiries from passengers about the service - but they had not even submitted tenders to run the route!

It now seems that the route is being taken over by Beacon Bus, not Hookways. Beacon operate Optare Solos on a few other routes in North Devon so its highly likely they will appear on the 118 - at least they will be low floor buses.

Other news Ian Kirby provided as a comment to the last post - but repeated here as its more visible:

Stagecoach Devon X38 is diverted via Bittaford and Ivybridge from Monday and will be operated by low floor vehicles - three Tridents (made surplus from the X45)will move from Torquay to Exeter. The X38 also goes back to hourly which will be welcome.

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  1. Except that the news has been overtaken by events - The X38 will now be run by 56 plate Enviro 400s which have come from Manchester.


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