20 July 2008

Crossing the river

I don't like missing a day, let alone two days on this blog but sometimes family commitments do restrict the computer time available, which has been the case over the last couple of days. Decent weather is hard to come by these days so when you get it you try to make the best of it. Saturday saw me taking a long walk over Tamar bridge with Zak, which did at least give me the chance of a few new photos a few of which I post below - you can never have too many posts on this fantastic bridge.

Setting off across the bridge - Zak always enjoys this walk - as long as he sees at least one train he will be happy...

Zak and the bridge

First of all chance to get a couple of decent shots of the new toll piazza.

Tamar Bridge BoothsTamar Bridge Booths

I love the new pathway that has been tacked on top the side of the bridge. The way it curves around the bridge towers is lovely. The white line really makes the most of this.

Tamar Bridge Booths

A nice dramatic photo of the towers. This really is bridge design at its best

Tamar Bridge Booths

Meanwhile Zak sees something...

Train spotting

A high speed train. Midland Mainline 43178 on loan(?) to Arriva Cross Country

Midland Mainline HST


  1. The former Midland Mainline train is on loan to Cross Country who will refurbish the power cars and mk3 stock to a similar standard as GNER'S (now NXEC) Mallards. However, the buffet cars will be replaced by a trolley service.

    Keep up the interesting blogging and all the best!


  2. hi

    zak would love my back garden then as i live next to the railway line we get a train every 20min or so lol:)



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