15 June 2008

Fuel crisis for bus firm


PLYMOUTH’S biggest bus company says it is on course to lose £700,000 this year, as the city’s public transport links struggle to keep up with spiraling fuel prices. Plymouth Citybus has revealed their fuel costs have risen almost 70 per cent in less than a year – and bosses are desperate for help from the Government.

Fuel crisis for bus firm

Stagecoach also blame the current fuel prices as the main reason for stopping their popular X45 service.

Both Stagecoach and Citybus are saying that they have no plans to cut services further. We have already seen fare rises for the bus companies in Plymouth this year. Many areas across the country have seen fare rises with many companies suggesting there may be more fare rises to come if prices continue to increase. I am not sure how the free travel scheme remuneration fits in with all this but I dont suppose bus companies will be seeing decent increase in that income stream.

Meanwhile Stagecoach find a novel way of saving fuel - hitch a ride on the back of a lorry!Stagecoach Devon 18072 WA04CSV Breakdown

Thanks to Dave Boulter for the photo taken in Torquay - not strictly Plymouth but its such a great photo!

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