14 June 2008

Demo one and Demo two

I did mange to get into town today to try and photograph the Optare demonstrators with Plymouth Citybus. I also managed to get a couple of photos of the buses along with a lot of other bus photos.

I then got home and this evening have been adding them to my Flickr account. It was soon apparent that someone else was also uploading photos of the two buses - and they had a lot more of them and most of the were better than mine!

Demo 1

YJ57EHD Optare Solo SR

13th June 2008 042


Demo 2

YJ57YCF Optare Solo

13th June 2008 193

©bristolvrboy (Via Flickr blog this)

To see all his other shots of these two buses visit his Flickr account here there really are some great shots both inside and outside of the buses. I just wished I had the time to have a ride and get some better shots myself.

1 comment:

  1. Graham

    These photos are from Laurence - my friend.

    He was the one i was with on the day!!! (see group)

    We waved to you after coming back on the 19 - u ignored us!!!

    All mine on fotopic @


    dan :D


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