10 May 2008

Incoming: Plymouth Citybus

I am very grateful to Brian George for supplying these first shots of the new Enviro 200 buses which will soon be placed into service with Plymouth Citybus. The first that most people will see will be one entered into the Lord Mayors Day Parade next weekend. The buses are fitted out to a very high standard with leather seating and high tech displays inside. Full colour destination displays are also featured although as is often the case this does not always come out properly in photographs.

Plymouth Citybus 136 WA08LDF

Plymouth Citybus 136 WA08LDFPlymouth Citybus 136 WA08LDF

Plymouth Citybus 136 WA08LDF


  1. Look very smart. Do you know what routes these are likely to appear on?

  2. Dam You Got There before Me I Noticed It In The Paint Shop Yesterday And Was Going To Go Up Today




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