09 May 2008

Park and Ride Extra


Spectators heading to Sutton Harbour for the start of the Artemis Transat yacht race this Sunday will be able to use special park and ride services.
First buses will be running from the Milehouse and Coypool sites (not the George) to Vauxhall Street on the Barbican every 20 minutes from 10am until 4.40pm.
The last buses will leave the Barbican at around 4.50pm.


It does seem that Plymouth is making a real special effort for this event. Its good to see the Park and Ride service being used like this, although its a shame it not available from The George as well. I guess its a question of having enough spare buses?


  1. there is enough buses, but it the fact on how many more drivers they are going to have to pay!

  2. Watch out for my Duple Dominant Leopard AFH 186T which coincidentally is having a visit to Plymouth for some photo shoots in prepartion for a forthcoming WHOTT Royal Blue Run. (See their web site). Think it may try Madeira Road unless anyone knows of any temporary closures ?

  3. Madeira Road Is Shut To Every Think Unless You Have A Pass


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