04 May 2008

Happy Birthday

Saltash Station is 149 years old today!


The station opened with the Cornwall Railway on 4 May 1859. It was described at the time as being "at the head of that town. It consists of an arrival and departure station, both being stone buildings, and possessing all requisite offices for the accommodation of the traffic. New and convenient approaches are likely to be made to that station by the corporation and the owners of adjoining property, which will prove a great public benefit." (Wiki)

The Royal Albert Bridge had been officially opened two days before.

The really important anniversaries here are next year. The Royal Albert Bridge, internationally renown icon of the Great Western Railway will be 150 years old next year. I really do hope that this is celebrated properly in Plymouth. The Brunel 200 celebrations for his birth back in 2006 were almost non existent down here. They even had a bus in Exeter - but no such acclaim here in Plymouth.

As I have already said, the bridge is recognised as a masterpiece all over the world. I hope this time next year, Plymouth is shouting out to the world how proud we are of our bridge.


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