05 May 2008

Plymouth Citybus 273 M273HOD

With the first of the new Enviro single deckers due very shortly there are a number of buses who will soon be facing life outside of the pampered confines of Plymouth Citybus. 273 is the oldest numerically of the bread van fleet although being in the new livery might just help its cause! Surprisingly there is still a market out there for well looked after breadvans like these so expect most to see further service.

Plymouth Citybus 273 M273HOD

This photo is one of a series being posted to the sister Plymouth Citybus Photo Blog, all in this style. Other blogs of mine include Transit Elsewhere which looks at current public transport news stories from around the country and the brand new Passenger Quotes which looks at some of the odd things which passengers have to say about their bus service. They are all genuine quotes and serve to illustrate just what bus companies are up against! Read and weep!

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