01 April 2008

The other half

After discovering that Taxifast were operating yellow and red taxis on the Northern Connect service I decided to have a go this morning. I actually let the Citybus 50 go by (sorry Brian!) as I had already seen the Taxifast taxibus turn into Asda.

A few moments later I was waving it down and sure enough it stopped for me. Took a while to get into the cab as it was brand new and I was the drivers first ever passenger on this route - and he couldnt find the switch to unlock the doors! He explained he was still getting used to the cab. Very comfortable ride to work in a very nice 6 seater cab. This new service will make my life a lot easier, especially coming home from work as it saves changing buses at Derriford Hospital.

Home as last night was on the Target Solo. Running a good 10 mins late this time but with a very friendly driver who announced that no fares were being taken this week. No difference to me as I have a pass anyway. This driver also made a point of stopping at each stop and announcing where he was going. It will take a while for people to get used to this new service. I know several people who let the bus / taxi go by who could have caught it.

I do hope that this service is a success, not least because its ideal for me! They do have to sort out the timiings as its clear that not enough time if allowed to make the full run, especially at peak times. I do have doubts as to having only 6 seaters - there are often that many at my bus stop in the morning. If they all catch the taxibus then its full up.

It is also a shame that they do not appear on the City Councils RTP system either.

I do hope to get a photo soon as they are distinctive vehicles.

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