01 April 2008

Citybus Marketing Coup

Plymouth Citybus 47

Plymouth Citybus have pulled off a real marketing coup on their latest promotion livery seen here on Dart 47. Promoting the new pensioner free travel bus pass with the slogan "One Goes - With ones new bus pass one can go anywhere one wants" this livery is sure to turn heads and create the 'buzz' that Citybus wants.

Featuring The Queen in this way in advertising is still seen as a bit risky but Citybus are sure she wont take offence.

Of course this promotion could also be seen as a way to steal the thunder of First's new Ugobus scheme which starts next week, although Citybus themselves deny that this is the intention:

"Putting real life people on the side of our buses was all our own idea and when it comes to covering up the windows with contravision I think you will see that Citybus were there first too."


  1. You almost had me until I saw the date ;)

  2. Brilliant Graham.


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