30 March 2008

More from Wales

Another couple of pictures from Mike O'Sullivan

Plymouth City Transport 154 WJY754Plymouth City Transport 157 WJY757

I’ve found a couple more photos of Plymouth vehicles that you might like to use on your web-site. They are of 154 and 157 which were hired to Cardiff in 1977. Both photos were taken by me on 29th October 1977. Mike

The previous posting of the Leyland Titans in Wales brought a lovely email from David Boulter which I share an extract below as much as a thank you to David and John as an interesting diversion into the past:

Your blog has brought back very happy memories of my very dear late grandparents and my childhood when I saw this morning the colour images of the PD2's in Plymouth City livery. It is nearly 50 years since travelling on them as a schoolchild staying on holiday from Bristol with my grandparents in Treveneague Gardens (near the Cherry Tree pub and Stock car racing stadium if my memory is correct.)

I'm afraid time has very much dulled the memory but I seem to recall travelling back from Mutley Plain - where my grandfather enjoyed a pint or two in the Conservative Club whilst I happily watched the steam trains - including the double-headed up Cornish Riviera Express storming out of North Road Station for London at 12.30pm each weekeday, and later the advent of diesels, entering or leaving Mutley Tunnel (long before the car park was built over its entrance) - or me taking a circular tour of the city by picking up a bus service opposite the Golden Hind public house. Which services went where I cannot recall but routes 30,31,34,35, 36 & 37 - some of which were circular services - ring strong bells. Perhaps from your records you would know the answers please to where these six services went in those days of the late 1950's?  Did services 32 & 33 ever exist I wonder? - I do not recall them at all!

(I feel an investigation into routes gone by is called for! GR)

Great fun for an 13-year old in 1958 on his own (in the nicest way, of my own desire to give my aged grandparents a break!) happily exploring and learning the geography of the city (as my grandparents did not have a car) for hours on end from the top of a PD2 in all its half cab glory! From there the love of buses and of Plymouth was born, never to be lost, the Plymouth PD2's with their fleet numbers in gold livery on each side, always remaining my firm favourite even after all this time! And now, at very long last thanks to your blog, I can see them after all these years in full colour in original red and cream livery. Thank you so much for publishing them and to your colleague for allowing that to happen. I've seen the occasional black & white shot over the years but never the colour ones I really wanted to see.

You probably couldn't travel around seemingly endlessly given the state of society today and children now sadly vulnerable to the undesireable attentions of an element of mankind. But in those days such problems were never even heard of and to me it was great fun riding around on the Leylands and I never ever had the slightest bother, always thoroughly enjoying my adventures around the lovely city.

Thanks again for such lovely memories. I have read your blog for many months since first becoming aware of it last year soon after moving to Torquay and it had always been my hope to one day see the PD2s in all their glory on your site. Now at long, long last I have. Please do not hesitate to show more - I for one will be delighted to see them!

Kindest regards, Dave Boulter MBE

I am always on the look out for photos of buses, and anything else of interest, as I know they make the most popular postings on the blog. Thanks you to Mike and John, and all the others who have allowed me to post their photos here. I never knowingly use photos without permission, and have never had a request refused either!

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